Property Management

Property management services-North of Boston; offered by T. W. Lyons, Inc.

Property management services-North of Boston; offered by T. W. Lyons, Inc.

If your property is within a 30-minute drive of Reading MA, you'll want to know more about our property management services offered by our partner, TW Lyons, Inc, owned by David Burnham.

TW Lyons understands that managing property of any type takes time, and a tremendous amount of resources. For property owners that do not have either, these property management services are a great fit and take many of the responsibilities off your plate.

The team likes to say that they remove 100% of the headaches that come with managing a property. And they stand by that, leaving you with increased profitability to enjoy.

If you are the owner of an office or retail property, industrial property or apartment buildings or on the board of a condominium association, TW Lyons is here for you for every aspect of property management.

Property management services-North of Boston; offered by T. W. Lyons, Inc.

TW Lyons is a full-service property management company and they pride themselves on attention to detail and leaving no stone unturned to ensure your property is operating at the highest level and efficiency as well as increased tenant satisfaction.

Someone is available 24/7 to address owner concerns as well as any tenant issues that arise. The team completely takes over the management of your property including top to bottom building maintenance, grounds management as well as any emergency issues that arise.

TW Lyons vets and manages all third-party vendors and contractors such as maintenance, handyman services, groundskeepers, landscapers, and other necessary repair professionals. They only bring in the best.

Take comfort in knowing that TW Lyons takes a proactive approach to managing property and never waits for a crisis to happen. Do emergencies come up? Absolutely, but TW Lyons maintains an active on-site schedule and can anticipate many concerns before they become an issue.

When it comes to financial matters, TW Lyons has everything taken care for you as well. From collecting rents and fees, paying all the necessary expenses for each property as well as managing and budgeting for the future. Because of the trusted relationships with numerous insurance professionals, TW Lyons has the ability to help you lower your insurance costs for your property. A property, properly managed can result in lower insurance costs. Ask about how that can happen.

TW Lyons will also plan for the future of your property. Long term planning of your commercial real estate is crucial to maintaining an adding value to your property. TW Lyons consistently assesses your property and plans for anticipated expenses such as maintenance, roofing, parking areas and future projects. Planning now will ensure your profitability for the future.

Ready for hassle-free property management? Contact the team today!